There is something deliciously exquisite about how food and the ritual of eating can bring people together. Cinema it seems is perfectly suited to portraying the delicate interplay between food and human relationships and nowhere is this more evident than in Umbrella’s two world cinema films on DVD Tampopo and Like Water For Chocolate. Both Tampopo and Like Water For Chocolate have been listed in Epicurious top 10 best food films of all time making them a must see for food and film lovers alike.

Tampopo is a Japanese comedy that was hailed by critics as the ‘”first noodle western,” and depicts the life of a widow who dreams of opening the greatest noodle bar in Japan, a dream which finds unexpected help from a trucker. The widow’s dream is interwoven with several other stories, each reflecting some aspect of the characters’ relationship to food (some of which are of the carnal variety). Food lovers will adore the scene in which a lowly office worker upstages the arrogant suits in his office with his knowledge of fine French cuisine. All in all Tampopo is a gastronomic delight which is entirely worth savouring and is available now to buy on DVD through Umbrella’s website.

Now that you have finished your main of noodle infused Tampopo goodness time for dessert in the form of magical realist drama Like Water For Chocolate. Directed by Mexican Alfonso Arau, Like Water For Chocolate is about the power of food to…make every guest at a wedding begin to cry hysterically, cause a woman to become so turned on that her clothes catch fire, conjure a visit from vengeful ghosts, and more. If you’ve ever doubted the sensual power of a recipe, this film should go straight to the top of your must see list! Like Water For Chocolate, explores the forbidden love between a woman and her sister’s husband, a love which has dangerous consequences. Brimming with high octane emotion this film will leave even the most dessert averse audiences begging for more!


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