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Contact Us

There are various ways you can contact us at Umbrella Entertainment ranging from the centuries-old postal service (address below) and telephone to the digital world of emails (far more convenient).  Below is a list of where to send your communication depending on who you are trying to contact.  By sending your email to the right department, our well-oiled machine will spring into action and deal with your correspondence promptly.

General Website Inquiries

If you have encountered a problem with the Umbrella Entertainment website ( then please contact us at  We will reply to your message as soon as possible.

General Company Inquiries

If you have any questions regarding Umbrella Entertainment, or require further information about us, then please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, but if that doesn’t cover your inquiry then feel free to contact us at  We will reply to your message as soon as possible.

Theatrical Inquiries

For all inquiries regarding 1st Run, New, Theatrical Releases.
Please contact the Head of Theatrical Sales and/or the Theatrical Co-ordinator

Festival Inquiries

For all inquiries regarding screenings for Domestic or International Festivals, please contact

Non-Theatrical and Public Screenings

For all inquiries regarding screenings for Non-Theatrical,  Public Performances, Film Societies, Councils, Libraries etc; please contact

Media & Marketing Inquiries

For all media & marketing inquiries, please contact us at

Publicity Inquiries

For all publicity inquiries pertaining to theatrical releases, including requests for stills, press kits or review screeners, please contact us at

Distribution Inquiries

If you have a film that you are looking to distribute (script or finished project) then please email us at  We need a one paragraph synopsis and a short biography of the people involved in the project, making sure you highlight any past experience.  If the film is of interest then we will contact you inviting you to submit a one page outline, script or any supporting stills/footage.

Umbrella Entertainment’s address:

If you would like to contact us using the age old method of traditional mail then here is our address; and if you need to contact us via phone then our number is below:

Unit 13/79-83 High Street

Kew, Victoria, Australia 3101

Phone: +61 3 9020 5130