Coarse language

Film synopsis

Amal Kumar (Rupinder Nagra) is a poor, hardworking, autorickshaw driver in New Dehli who is governed by his sense of honesty and responsibility.  When his regular client, the lovely store merchant Pooja (Koel Purie) has her handbag stolen by a young beggar girl, Amal pursues the girl, Priya, who is involved in an accident as she attempts to flee.  Pooja witnesses Amal’s kindness as he attempts to take care of Priya and desperately raise enough money for the surgery that may save the child’s life. One day, Amal offers his services to an old man, a vagabond who has just been denied a ride by another autorickshaw driver.  Amal tolerates the man’s rudeness and insults with an unwavering civility and politely refuses a tip.  Amal’s acts of generosity are set to be repaid in ways he could not dream of, but he will need the support and love of Pooja and the spirit and humour of Priya to overcome the obstacles in his path.

Running time

99 Minutes


Rupinder Nagra
Naseeruddin Shah
Seema Biswas


Richie Mehta


Steven Bray, Robin Cass, David Miller, Wendy Ord ,Peter Starr



Available formats

HD Cam


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