Strong sexual themes

Film synopsis

In the tradition of American Beauty,this controversial drama explores the dark underbelly of American suburbia. Sixteen year-old Shirley Lyner (Katherine Waterston – Michael Clayton), a student babysitter saving for college, develops a crush on Michael Beltran (John Leguizamo Moulin Rouge, Super Mario Bros), the father of a babysitting regular. One night on the way home, Michael and Shirley kiss, and he pays her a little something extra. Unbeknown to Michael’s wife, played by Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City), the two continue their torrid affair using the nights Shirley baby-sits to cover for their time together. Soon Shirley finds herself becoming a high school ‘Heidi Fleiss’, taking a percentage every time one of her friends ‘baby sits’ for Michael’s married friends. But it’s only a matter of time before this perilous arrangement tears at the heart of a suburban community.

Running time

84 minutes

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Katherine Waterston
John Leguizamo
Cynthia Nixon


David Ross


Cora Olson, Jennifer Dubin, Jason Dubin