Strong violence and coarse language

Film synopsis

When young MMA hotshot Brandon Becker (Rudy Youngblood, Apocalypto) injures the son of a local police officer in an illegal street fight, he is forced out of the city and seeks refuge with his estranged father in a small sleepy town. As he hides away he is plagued by an overwhelming feeling of cowardice and regret and when his courage comes into question he must once more step up and prove his manhood.
The peaceful town is rocked by the pounding of an underground mixed martial arts movement and it is not long before Brandon is waist deep mixing it up with the best of them in a series of bloody battles held in a disused cannery warehouse. And when beautiful Erin (Susie Abromeit, Sex Drive) enters the scene trouble soon follows. Her overly protective brother just happens to be the most vicious and competitive MMA fighter in town. Backed into a corner and looking for help Brandon enlists long retired MMA champ Drake Colby (Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping) to  help him face his fears and become a true champion.

Running time

90 minutes

Country of origin


Year of production



Rudy Youngblood
Susie Abromeit
Michael 'The Count' Bisping


Mike Gunther


Mark Burman, Michael Z. Gordon, Sean Patrick O’Reilly