Film synopsis

An innovative blend of ’50s schlock sci-fi paranoia and good old fashioned teen delinquency shapes THE BLOB into a cult classic experience of mass proportions!

Moulding the genre with chills and thrills, director Irvin S. Yeaworth (DINOSAURUS!) places a troupe of troubled teenagers into the middle of mayhem when a mysterious creature from another planet lands in their small township and spreads itself across the landscape in a gelatinous state of lingering menace. Determined to warn the public of impending doom, young Steve Andrews (action hero Steve McQueen in his first starring role) charges his classic Plymouth Cranbrook convertible into action and rises to the impossible blood-curdling challenge.

In SON OF BLOB, a geologist (Godfrey Cambridge) returns from a North Pole expedition with a prized piece of red glacier rock. When the frozen rock accidentally thaws, a transformation of the most terrifying kind takes place, leaving a blood-thirsty blood-red blob hell-bent on smothering the world with terror once more.

Directed by Larry Hagman (J.R. from DALLAS) and featuring a cornucopia of carnage, Son Of Blob carries on a schlock horror tradition and swallows it whole.

Running time

169 Minutes