Film synopsis

Mike (Colin FrielsMALCOLM) and his buddy, Johnny (Harold HopkinsDON’S PARTY), are miners in search of sapphires in the harsh emerald belt of Central Queensland. Joined by rough diamonds Ted (Bruce Spence – MAD MAX) and Stella (Kris McQuade – STRICTLY BALLROOM), these likeable battlers pin their hopes on a new claim until a big mining company moves in on their turf with machines, bulldozers – and guns! With the help of a travelling city doctor (Norman KayeLONELY HEARTS), these mates are determined to play the big miners at their own games.

This rollicking Aussie favourite won the AFI for Best Screenplay in 1983 – producer John Dingwall’s follow-up to his masterpiece, SUNDAY TOO FAR AWAY (1975). Presented on a pristine new digital transfer, this rarely-seen gem is presented for the first time ever on DVD.

Running time

95 Minutes

Year of production



Colin Friels
Harold Hopkins
Kris McQuade


Arch Nicholson


John Dingwall