Film synopsis

Outback Queensland, the early 1950s.

The Thompson family – struggling to keep their outback farm from foreclosure – place their financial hopes on their horse, Prince, a favourite to win the New Year’s Cup. Two horse rustlers named Bill and Sly (John Ewart: – FOR THE TERM OF HIS NATURAL LIFE and ALL SAINT’S John Howard) steal Prince and make their way to a nearby mountain range to escape.

However the thieves have underestimated the resourceful Thompson kids John (Mark Spain, the child star of YOUNG DOCTORS , A COUNTRY PRACTICE & FATTY FINN) and Helen (a 15-year-old Nicole Kidman in her film debut). Although left alone by their drover father and stranded by the thieves, the children saddle up their own horses and chase after the crooks with the aid of station-worker Manalpuy and their English cousin Michael.

Filmed on location on the Lamington Plateau, Queensland, featuring music and a special appearance by popular Australian folk band The Bushwackers, BUSH CHRISTMAS is an Australian family Christmas classic brought to DVD for the first time for a new generation!

Running time

87 Minutes

Year of production



John Ewart
John Howard
Mark Spain


Henri Safran


Gilda Baracchi and Paul D. Barron