Violence and themes

Film synopsis

Chiller , Wes Craven’s (The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes) follow up to A Nightmare on Elm Street, was created with Salem’s Lot producer Richard Kobritz, and involves a case of cryogenic suspension gone horribly wrong.
A wealthy industrialist (Michael BeckThe Warriors) arranges for his body to be kept on ice in a high-tech cryonic chamber with instructions to later restore him to life. Thanks to a computer malfunction, Beck emerges from the frozen crypt as a soulless, evil madman, a corporate tyrant with an appetite for destruction. So evil, in fact, that his own mother (Beatrice StraightPoltergeist) decides to destroy him! Paul Sorvino is excellent (Goodfellas) as a preacher who suspects something isn’t right in this psycho-slasher gem from horror mastermind, Wes Craven.

Running time

87 minutes

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Michael Beck
Beatrice Straight
Paul Sorvino


Wes Craven


Richard Kobritz