Film synopsis

Based on Margaret Paice’s Depression-era trilogy, COLOUR IN THE CREEK is a ten part historical drama, capturing the highs and lows of life on the land and the excitement of the Australian goldfields.

1931. The world is at an economic low as The Great Depression brings poverty, hardship and widespread unemployment to the nation. Driven by desperation and hope for a better life, the Fletcher family pack their worldly belongings into the back of a Model T Ford and head to the outback in search of work, food and shelter.

On the road, patriarch John Fletcher (DENNIS MILLER, BLUE MURDER) lends his hand to anything that may provide a meal for his family, from fixing farm equipment to building fences. Learning of a nearby gold strike, he and wife Ellen (Judy Morris – PHAR LAP) lead their three children into the dusty unknown of the Coorumbong Creek region to try their luck. When 12 year-old son Alec and his friend discover a nugget of gold in a nearby stream it is destined to change the family’s fortune forever.

Running time

230 Minutes

Year of production



Caz Adams
Alfred Bell
Travis Latter


Rob Stewart


Ian Bradley, Michael Midlam,Penny Spence