Low level coarse language, sex scenes

Film synopsis

A lively retelling of Anton Chekhov’s classic play Uncle Vanya, Country Life is an entertaining romp, lusciously capturing an era of Australian history with both pathos and aplomb. When prodigal son Alexander (Michael Blakemore) returns to his homeland in rural Australia, he brings with him beautiful English wife Deborah (Greta ScacchiThe Player) and settles into the dusty sheep station where his loyal and hardworking family have lived for generations.
Local doctor and resident charmer Max (AFI Award winner Sam NeillJurassic Park) becomes drawn to the flirtatious Deborah and the two raise scandalous suspicion within the otherwise conservative community. Frustrated by the arrogance and distraction of their new lodgers, hardworking proprietors Jack (AFI Award winner John HargreavesDon’s Party) and Sally (AFI Award winner Kerry FoxAn Angel At My Table) take umbrage at the suggestion that they sell the farm and move on, determined to defend their estate by any means possible.

Running time

165 Minutes

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Michael Blakemore
Greta Scacchi
Sam Neill
John Hargreaves
Kerry Fox


Michael Blakemore


Robin Dalton