Film synopsis

From the award winning creative talents of David Williamson (DON’S PARTY, GALLIPOLI) and director Tim Burstall (ALVIN PURPLE), comes a riotous historical romp destined to change the way you perceive early Australian settlement.

Shipwrecked on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef in 1837, English sea Captain James Fraser (Noel Ferrier – THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY) and his innocent young wife Eliza (Susannah York – TOM JONES) face an uphill struggle for survival against the harsh and unforgiving Australian conditions. Waiting to be rescued, the couple takes up residency with the local aboriginal people and watch as their mutinous crew transform into savages before their very eyes.

A classic Aussie tale of colonial hardship and bawdy beginnings, ELIZA FRASER also features Trevor Howard (THE THIRD MAN), John Waters (BREAKER MORANT), Abigail (ALVIN PURPLE) and Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell (THE CASTLE).

Running time

113 Minutes

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Susannah York
Trevor Howard
Noel Ferrier


Tim Burstall


Tim Burstall and Alan Finney