Film synopsis

The film’s heroine, Margery Paton (Elsie Sylvaney), leaves a life of luxury in the city, to go bush to Walloon, her retired father’s cattle property run by the notorious ‘Greenhide’ Gavin (Bruce Gordon).

Margery has romantic notions of “being swung to the saddle by big brown arms – to be kissed during a wild stampede of Daddy’s cattle” or “to be sheiked by a real live bush ranger”. However she finds her willful nature matched by Greenhide’s iron will and his  initial distaste at having a high-society girl living at the station. After a series of adventures  involving a gang of cattle duffers, the two discover their love for one another and romance blossoms. This film is black and white.

– From NFSA website

Running time

37 minutes

Country of origin


Year of production



Elsie Sylvaney
Frank Thorn
Jules Murray-Prior
Bruce Gordon
Irma Dearden
Gerald Barlow


Charles Chauvel


Charles Chauvel