Judy Davis
Richard Moir
Chris Haywood


Phillip Noyce


Hilary Linstead


Film synopsis

Director Phillip Noyce’s compelling follow-up to Newsfront, HEATWAVE is the infamous Australian political thriller inspired by the disappearance of Sydney journalist and anti-development campaigner Juanita Neilson.

Like Newsfront, HEATWAVE details the moral dilemmas of a man of conscious, an ambitious architect, Stephen West (Richard Moir), whose inner city housing project has been compromised by a corrupt property developer (Chris Haywood) and his big business cronies. With stand-over men sent in to evict demonstrating squatters, social justice campaigner Kate Dean (Judy Davis) alerts West to a looming conspiracy when her friend, an activist and journalist, disappears and is presumed murdered.

Noyce brilliantly evokes the oppressive mood of a stifling heat wave in inner Sydney in this compelling conspiracy thriller where death, deceit and corruption taint all.

Running time

86 Minutes

Year of production