Film synopsis

Now Uncut And Uncensored For The First Time Ever In Australia!

Some have hailed him as a genius of joyous erotica, while others have labelled his films pornographic depravity. But in this controversial three-part feature by writer/director Walerian Borowczyk, women are both mysterious and lascivious creatures who hunger for both extremes.

In the first tale, Marina Pierro stars as the muse whose rampant lusts enflamed the artists and clergy of ancient Rome. Then Gaelle Legrand is a blossoming teen in 18th century France whose unnatural desire for her pet bunny leads to an act of depraved passion. Finally, a luscious young wife (Pascale Christophe) is abducted and raped before finding the ultimate ecstasy with her four-legged saviour.

This notorious erotic epic, now has its scenes of daring sexuality now fully restored.


Marina Pierro
Gaƫlle Legrand
Pascale Christophe


Walerian Borowczyk


Jean-Paul De Vidas and Michel de Vidas