Film synopsis

Dramatic story of an Aboriginal baby raised on a remote cattle station by a white woman
mourning the loss of her own child. The young girl, Jedda (Ngarla Kunoth), is brought up in
white society and is forbidden by her adoptive mother to have contact with other Aborigines.
As Jedda grows into a young woman she increasingly becomes drawn to her Aboriginal
heritage. When Marbuck (Robert Tudawali), an Aboriginal man, visits the station in search
of work he and Jedda are drawn to each other. Marbuck decides to take Jedda against her
will back to his tribal lands to marry her, but to his despair his tribe rejects him for breaking
marriage taboos. The film climaxes when Marbuck goes insane from anguish and ends his
own and Jedda’s life. – From NFSA website

Running time

85 minutes

Country of origin


Year of production



Ngarla Kunoth
Robert Tudawali
Betty Suttor
Paul Reynall
George Simpson-Lyttle
Tas Fitzer
Wason Byers


Charles Chauvel


Charles Chauvel


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