Occasional low level coarse language, war footage

Film synopsis

The Last Bastion goes behind closed doors and into the minds of the big decision makers – world dignitaries Franklin Roosevelt (Warren Mitchell), Winston Churchill (Timothy West), Australia’s John Curtin (Michael Blakemore), and General Douglas MacArthur (Robert Vaughn). The boundaries are set -transports carrying thousands of men, naval fleets and army divisions are strategically positioned – pawns on over-sized world maps, as a high-stakes game of chess develops between the allies and against the enemy.
Detailing the heated political battles waged by Prime Minister John Curtin during the omnipresent threat of invasion, The Last Bastion highlights key battles and locations, incorporating real archival footage of sea, air and frontline combat to provide historical authenticity and military verisimilitude.
Written and produced by award-winning playwright David Williamson (GallipoliDon’s Party),  The Last Bastion also features Aussie icons John Wood as Robert Menzies, Bill Hunter as Ben Chiffley, as well as Ray BarrettMax CullenHarold HopkinsRichard Moir and Simon Chilvers.

Running time

161 minutes

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John Wood
Michael Blakemore
Bill Hunter
Max Cullen
Harold Hopkins
Richard Moir
Simon Chilvers


Chris Thompson


David Williamson, Denis Whitburn, Brian Rosen


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