In cinemas 31 May

Film synopsis

In the immediate aftermath of the Kennedy assassination, Lyndon Johnson (Woody Harrelson) faces off against enemies from within his own party and his own White House as he frantically struggles to secure the legitimacy of his presidency before it slips through his fingers forever.

Once the most powerful Democrat in Washington, Lyndon Johnson discovers that his new role as JFK’s vice president has made him virtually irrelevant, threatening to end his illustrious career. Then, an assassin’s bullet thrusts him into the highest office in the land. Surrounded by enemies, and with a nation divided, Johnson has one chance to resurrect his political life, as he fights to claim his rightful place as president of the United States, a job at which he seems destined to fail.

Running time

98 minutes

Country of origin


Year of production



Woody Harrelson
Michael Stahl-David
Richard Jenkins
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jeffrey Donovan
Bill Pullman


Rob Reiner


Liz Glotzer, Rob Reiner, Tim White, Trevor White, Michael R. Williams



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