Film synopsis

RIDE, RISE, ROAR is a concert film featuring David Byrne that blends riveting onstage performances with intimatedetails of the creative collaborations that make the music and performance happen.Shot with multiple cameras over several concerts during the 08/09 tour, the film blends the energy and charisma ofclassic Talking Heads with the heartfelt pathos of David Byrne and Brian Eno’s most recent collaboration.Between the songs, the film achieves an unprecedented intimacy with David Byrne and the band, documentingbehind-the-scenes auditions, rehearsals, and interviews with key players while revealing the creative process that ledto the show’s unique fusion of pop music and modern dance.RIDE, RISE, ROAR celebrates Byrne’s extensive career as a musician and testifies to the creativity that keeps himgoing today.TRACK LISTINGONCE IN A LIFETIMELIFE IS LONGI ZIMBRAROAD TO NOWHEREONE FINE DAYTHE GREAT CURVEMY BIG NURSEBURNING DOWN THE HOUSEHOUSES IN MOTIONAIRLIFE DURING WARTIMEHEAVENI FEEL MY STUFFEVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS WILL HAPPEN TODAYThe Following tracks occur during the documentary sections but not in the concert:HOMEMY BIG HANDSTHE RIVER (Instrumental version)

Running time

85 Minutes

Year of production



Lily Baldwin
David Byrne
Layla Childs


Hillman Curtis


Will Schluter


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