Film synopsis

A stranger, Asta Cadell (Deborra-Lee FurnessJindabyne) limps into an outback town on a crippled motorcycle.  Trapped while she waits for repairs, Asta stays at the garage of Tim Curtis (Tony BarryAustralia).

The outsider soon discovers that Tim’s young daughter Lizzie (Simone BuchananMy Brilliant Career) is the latest victim of the local sport: gang rape.  Some women are intimidated, others make excuses and the law looks the other way – but nothing ever changes.

Attacked herself, Asta is drawn in to the struggle of the town’s women for safety and dignity. Emboldened by her, Lizzie lays charges and all hell breaks loose.

The women rise up, but resistance is never that easy or that simple…

Running time

90 minutes

Country of origin


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Deborra - Lee Furness
Tony Barry
Bill McCluskey
Simone Buchanan


Steve Jodrell


Damien Parer