Andrew Clarke
Tracy Mann
Nikki Coghill
Andrew Sharp


Pino Amenta, Catherine Millar


Roger Le Mesurier



Film synopsis

Capturing the spirit of the age and the turmoil of the times, Sword Of Honour tells the heartbreaking story of a nation at war, the soldiers who left their families to fight, the social upheaval and the emotionally perilous journey back home.

At 21, Tony Lawrence (Logie winner, Andrew ClarkeANZACS) won the Military Academy’s Sword of Honour. At 22 he was fighting in the Vietnam War with his best friend and brother-in-law Frank Vittorio (Alan FletcherFran), just as the conflict began to escalate. The horrors and carnage of the war leave an indelible impression on the two young men – ripping them apart from their families, girlfriends and country.

Back home after the devastation of the battlefields, both men try to cope with life in their own way. For Tony wandering into the wilderness is one way of coming to terms with the horror he has experienced. A journey that takes him back to the killing fields where it all started…

Featuring AFI Award winners Tracy Mann (in a Logie winning performance) and Julia Blake (Innocence), along with Nikki Coghill (Dark Age) and from the awarding winning producers of Snowy and Nancy WakeSword Of Honour is a gripping 6 hour , 4 part miniseries that will take you back to a time and conflict that created heroes and divided a nation.

Running time

382 minutes

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