Film synopsis

More than a hundred years ago the first Australians went into battle – brave and independent, their legacy is without question.  Since then, more than a million and a half Australian men and women have served in wars and conflicts around the world.  Together they have helped create one of the most beloved and durable of all Australian icons, forever known and respected as The Digger.

Featuring dramatic re-enactments, THE DIGGER is a captivating journey across the battlefields and trenches of the world – from South Africa and Egypt, to the Western Front, New Guinea, Korea and Vietnam – telling the many individual stories of heroes, larrikins, good blokes and mates who represented their country and endured the tremendous hardship and sacrifices of war.

Some with names we may know, most that never made it into the history books. They were men who wrote letters, told jokes, sang songs and fought fiercely – their encounters from the Boer War to Vietnam are brought to life in breathtaking action and expertly researched authenticity, celebrating the everlasting pathos and honouring the legend of the true blue Aussie Digger.

Running time

82 Minutes

Year of production



Nick Allen-Ducat
Kristopher Bos
Tim Boyle


Serge Ou


Cath Bennett and Michael Tear