Film synopsis

Paddy Doolan (Michael Craig – MARY BRYANT) is a man who refuses to accept change. In a new century where the motor car is changing the way things are done, the stubborn Irishman, the last of the draught-horse teamsters, continues to haul timber the old way. His recalcitrance has estranged him from his wife Jenny (Robyn NevinCAREFUL HE MIGHT HEAR YOU) and sons Will (Lou Brown) and Michael (Simon BurkeTHE DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND).

But Michael continues to love his father and goes in search of him.  Michael’s odyssey will involve a part-time horse thief and a stern station owner, and finally lead to an understanding and newfound respect for his father, the man they call “The Irishman”.

Produced by Anthony Buckley and directed by Donald Crombie, THE IRISHMAN co-stars Bryan Brown, Tony Barry and Gerard Kennedy.  From the creative team behind Caddie comes this critically acclaimed Australian classic, an epic yet touching portrait of a family in turmoil.

Running time

103 Minutes

Year of production



Michael Craig
Robyn Nevin
Simon Burke


Donald Crombie


Anthony Buckley