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From Judith Krantz, international bestselling author of I’ll Take ManhattanPrincess Daisy and Dazzle, comes a tale of second chances and a love that challenges doubt.
As a glamorous Hollywood actress, Paula Eastman’s (Raquel Welch, Legally Blonde) star is fading fast. Caught in the downward spiral of alcoholism, her family life is suffering, her relationship with daughter Delphine (Alicia SilverstoneClueless) is strained and her prospects are looking grim.

Compelled by Delphine to enter into a rehabilitation program, Paula encounters Mike (Jack ScaliaRed Eye), a fire-fighter struggling with similar problems. The two lost souls find resolve in each other’s company, sharing the challenging journey to sobriety one step at a time.

Out of rehab, Paula is keen to keep the home fires burning, introducing Mike to her daughter in an attempt to bring the family closer together. But it will take more than Mike’s good nature to charm Delphine, who, along with Paula’s personal assistant Ronnie (Laura InnesER) is increasingly suspicious of his motives.
Released as ‘Die Macht Der Liebe’ in Germany, Torch Song is a glowing ember to distant dreams of romance, celebrating the sheer power of love to turn one’s life around.

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89 minutes

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Raquel Welch
Jack Scalia
Alicia Silverstone
Laura Innes


Michael Miller


Stephanie Austin