High impact sexual violence and violence

Film synopsis

Umbrage: The First Vampire is an outlandish and innovative horror fusion – pitting cowboys against vampires in an age-old battle for supremacy, destined to deliver darkness and despair to an unsuspecting world.   Preventing the assassination of an ageing cowboy in the old west, a sultry vampire leaves the would-be killer for dead. A century later Jacob (Doug Bradley, Hellraiser), an antiques dealer, discovers an ancient obsidian mirror and instantly recognises it as priceless.  Settling into a remote farmhouse with his pregnant wife Lauren (Grace Vallorani) and restless charge Rachel (Rita Ramnani), Jacob feels something unearthly has been unleashed into the night as the shadows begin to take on a life of their own. Is it because of the sinister cowboy (Jonnie Hurn) hiding in the barn who doesn’t cast a reflection in the dark mirror? Or because the shiny black artefact itself is an enchanted portal for Lilith, the scornful first wife of Adam, exiled from Eden. The stakes are raised as the family find themselves caught in the middle of a hundred year old grudge between the vengeful undead cowboy and the re-awakened Lilith who is hell bent on death and destruction.

Running time

90 Minutes

Year of production



Doug Bradley
Rita Ramnani
Jonnie Hurn


Drew Cullingham


Rupert Bryan, Drew Cullingham, Charlie Falconer, Yoram Halberstam, Francis Wallinger


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