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Film synopsis

Riding high on the crest of critical success and a smash hit at the German box office, Vincent Wants To Sea is the recent recipient of Best Film and Best Actor Awards at the 2011 German Film Awards. Vincent Wants To Sea is “a big, tragicomical cinematic experience”(AZ) from wunderkind scriptwriter/actor Florian David Fitz (Men In The City) about a determined young man with a self-proclaimed ‘clown in his head’ who speaks his mind and gets him into a colourful world of trouble.  Refusing to be defined by his Tourettes Syndrome, Vincent embraces the abundant absurdity of his newfound friendship with anorexic colleague Marie (Karoline Herfurth, The Reader) and obsessive-compulsive roommate Alex (Johannes Allmayer) to joyfully escape the confines of their otherwise soul destroying mental health clinic.Buoyed by the opportunity to fulfill a wish and finally scatter his mother’s ashes to the sea, the mischievous trio steals a doctor’s car and set off on a madcap journey to the Italian coast.Pursued by his blustering father (Heino Ferch, Downfall) and his uptight therapist, Vincent’s heartfelt race to freedom is an adventure fraught with both calamity and charm.

Running time

96 Minutes

Year of production



Florian David Fitz
Karoline Herfurth
Heino Ferch|


Ralf Huettner


Viola Jäger, Harald Kügle



Available formats

E Cinema, HDCAM


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