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An intensely dramatic portrait of inner-suburban life, Winter of Our Dreams is “…a subdued, intelligent, thoughtful film…”(David Stratton) exploring the limits of love and the strength to survive.
Rob McGregor (Bryan Brown,  Breaker Morant, Beautiful Kate) is the charismatic owner of a popular Paddington bookshop living in an open marriage with his wife Gretel (Cathy DownesMonkey Grip), still holding onto the 60s spirit of ‘free love’.  Whilst Gretel is busy pursuing an affair, Rob learns of the tragic death of Lisa, a friend whom he had known back in the days when they were both radical student activists more than a decade earlier.
While seeking the issues behind Lisa’s suicide, Rob comes into contact with her friend  Lou (Judy Davis, Eye Of The Storm), a prostitute and heroin user wrestling with her own personal demons.
From very different worlds, the two are drawn together, and when Rob rallies Lou to free herself from her drug addiction she temporarily moves into his house to go ‘cold turkey’, adding further strains to his already complicated life. But as their friendship develops, ever closer parallels emerge with Rob’s earlier relationship with Lias Blaine, and he is forced to examine his own motives, and to recognise the very different road his life has travelled since his days as a radical student.
Nominated for 7 AFI Awards – winning for Judy Davis’ outstanding performance and presented in a restored widescreen transfer, Winter Of Our Dreams is written and directed by internationally acclaimed filmmaker John Duigan (Sirens, The Year My Voice Broke) and also features the screen debut of an eighteen-year old Baz Luhrmann.

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89 Minutes

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Judy Davis
Bryan Brown
Baz Luhrmann
Cathy Downes


John Duigan


Richard Mason


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