“ …is bound to rank as an Australian masterpiece…”  – Sydney Morning Herald, 25th March 1954

 “…one of the most remarkable documentaries ever made.” – Manchester Guardian, 19th February 1954

Umbrella Entertainment is proud to announce the 60th anniversary DVD release of John Heyer’s award-winning documentary film THE BACK OF BEYOND, which follows the outback mailman Tom Kruse along the Birdsville Track in outback Australia.

THE BACK OF BEYOND made its Australian public premiere at the inaugural Sydney International Film Festival in 1954, then two months later screened in Venice Biennale winning the prestigious Grand Prix Assuluto Award foe best overall film. Over the following year and half the film would be seen by more than a million Australians. Considered Australia’s most successful documentary; it was described in 100 Greatest Films of Australian Cinema as “perhaps our national cinema’s most well known best kept secret”.

Well received by critics and the public alike, it was prophetically described during an ABC radio broadcast by Professor Stout as  “a classic….John Heyer’s THE BACK OF BEYOND is a landmark Australian documentary.”

THE BACK OF BEYOND follows Tom Kruse’s 300-mile drive along the remote mail route from Marree in north-west South Australia – all the way to Birdsville in Southwest Queensland where he delivered letters and supplies to outlying cattle stations. It follows his remarkable journey and celebrates the characters he regularly meets along the way that define outback Australia.

The 60th anniversary DVD edition of THE BACK OF BEYOND will also contain three bonus John Heyer historical short films: Journey Of A Nation (1947); The Reef (1977) and Let’s Go (1956) plus a photo gallery of archival images from the John Heyer Estate. It will be released on June 5th this year in anticipation of next year’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

THE BACK OF BEYOND will screen again on June 10th 2013 at the Sydney International Film Festival after it debuted at the event’s opening year back in 1954.