Public Performance Licensing

Want to get spooked by Mister Babadook or terrified watching the Texas Chain Saw Massacre on the big screen? Perhaps you’d rather sit back and sip on a glass of Red while enjoying an Australian classic like Back of Beyond or Burke and Wills?

With over 1500 titles in our library, Umbrella Entertainment is your one-stop shop for public performance licensing. 

Screening rights are available for Theatrical/Non-Theatricals, Festivals, Councils, Schools, Libraries, Film Clubs and more.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to explore our easy-to-read genre catalogues and contact us on for screening charges, material availability and to make a booking request.

**The information on this website (“Website”) is provided for promotional and informational purposes only and Umbrella reserves all its rights to in its sole discretion grant or not grant the license for public performance and to withdraw a Film indicated as “for hire” from its Website. 

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