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Film synopsis

Winner of three Israeli Film Academy Awards and recipient of the prestigious Audience Award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, A Matter of Size is the larger than life story of one man’s heartfelt fight to fit in to an otherwise shrinking world. Tipping the scales at 155 kilograms, hefty Herzl (Itzik Cohen) lives at home with his mother in the Israeli city of Ramla and is in desperate need of a break. Fired from his hospitality job for being unpresentable and spectacularly shunned from his dieting club for lack of commitment, Herzl drowns his sorrows as chief dishwasher for a local Japanese restaurant run by former Sumo wrestling coach Kitano (Togo Igawa). Exposed to the noble world of Sumo wrestling, Herzl is instantly drawn to a sport where large people are not only appreciated for their size, but honoured and celebrated as true sporting heroes. Aspiring to become the first ever Jewish Sumo wrestler in the world, Herzl must not only gather the support of his three corpulent comrades, but secure expert training from an otherwise reluctant Kitano in order to shake the world to its very foundations in a heavyweight comedy about friendship, respect and learning to love the skin you’re in.

Running time

91 Minutes

Year of production



Itzik Cohen
Dvir Benedek
Alon Dahan


Sharon Maymon, Erez Tadmor


Daniel Baur, Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre, Eric Heumann, Tami Leon Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Micha Shagrir, Marc Sillam, Oliver Simon, Bill Stephens



Available formats

E Cinema, Digibeta


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