Film synopsis

On Monday Danny Clark (Ben Mendelsohn – SPOTSWOOD, COSI, BLACK AND WHITE) is the reluctant recipient of a birthday present he would rather forget, his father’s old Nissan Cedric. By Tuesday he has asked the beautiful Joanna Johnson (Claudia KarvanTHE SECRET LIFE OF US, DATING THE ENEMY) out on a date. Only problem is, he promised to pick her up in a Jaguar. In a tight fix and desperate to impress, Danny trades the Nissan Cedric in for a Jaguar only to be ripped off by a dodgy used car salesman, Gordon Farkas (Steve Bisley). With his mates in tow and revenge on their minds, Danny sets out to rectify wrongs and finish his dream date better than it started.

Written by David Parker and Directed by Nadia Tass, THE BIG STEAL was nominated for 9 AFI Awards. A sweet, romantic comedy, THE BIG STEAL features a classic performance by Steve Bisley as the sleazy used car salesman and is filled with quirky comedy, beautiful characters and poignant moments.

THE BIG STEAL…it will steal your heart.

Running time

96 Minutes

Year of production



Ben Mendelsohn
Claudia Karvan
Marshall Napier


Nadia Tass


Timothy White