Film synopsis

Testing the fibre of friendship and the spirit of conviction, BLAME is a confronting tale of twisted revenge and bitter betrayal.

Driven by the grief of a deceased loved one, five conspiring friends set out to exact revenge against the man responsible and invade the remote country home of music teacher Bernard (Damian de Montemas – UNDERBELLY: A TALE OF TWO CITIES). Confident that their victim’s death by his own hand will not raise suspicion, the group leaves the scene of the crime without the slightest hint of compunction.

Reluctantly returning to retrieve an incriminating piece of evidence, they soon discover that Bernard is not only alive but desperately determined to manipulate the situation to the benefit of his survival. As motives are questioned and the looming shadow of culpability grows, it is only a matter of time before the tight-knit group must negotiate the perilous bridge between trust and the truth.

Compelling to the last detail, BLAME features an ensemble of dynamic young talent including Kestie Morassi (WOLD CREEK), Sophie Lowe (BEAUTIFUL KATE), Simon Stone (BALIBO), Mark Leonard Winter (VAN DIEMEN’S LAND) and Ashley Zukerman (RUSH).

Running time

85 Minutes

Year of production



Damian de Montemas
Sophie Lowe
Kestie Morassi
Simon Stone
Mark Leonard Winter
Ashley Zukerman


Michael Henry


Ryan Hodgson, Melissa Kelly, David Lightfoot, Michael Ormond Robinson