Film synopsis

After Harry Joy dropped dead … his life was never the same again.

An outrageous meditation on the human condition, BLISS is the debut film from Ray Lawrence, acclaimed director of LANTANA and JINDABYNE, and is based on the Miles Franklin Award winning novel by Peter Carey.

Winner of three AFI Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, BLISS is the controversial Australian film that both shocked and thrilled audiences at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival.

Following a four-minute clinical death from heart attack, Harry Joy (Barry Otto – STRICTLY BALLROOM) returns to life finding the certainties of his former existence have vanished. The life he has previously drifted amiably through is in fact Hell — literally so to Harry.

His wife Bettina (Lynette Curran – THE BOYS) is in a sordid affair with his business partner (Jeff Truman), his teenage son (Miles Buchanan) swaps drugs for sex with his daughter (Gia Carides – STRICTLY BALLROOM) and all around him people are dying from cancer. Harry is convinced he is in Hell and it takes an angel in the form of an ex-prostitute called Honey Barbara (Helen Jones) to return him to bliss.

Running time

129 Minutes

Year of production