Film synopsis

This heart-warming drama stars country superstar Dolly Parton (NINE TO FIVE) in one of her greatest roles. Parton plays Leana, an underrated Nashville saloon singer and hillbilly angel who has struggled through poverty and an abusive father.

Searching for national recognition, the girl from Blue Valley yearns to escape the controlling influence of long-time manager, and lover, Hank (John Terry). So when a restless musician (Billy Dean) enters her life, Leana is drawn into a viscous love triangle and must make the hardest decision of all, both for her heart, and career.

As Leana tries to make good on long suppressed ambitions, she also begins to acknowledge the torment of her past. This sensitive and tender story features some passionate country singing from Dolly, who also wrote the theme song and produced the film.

Running time

91 Minutes

Year of production



Dolly Parton
John Terry
Billy Dean


Richard A. Colla


Dolly Parton, Freyda Rothstein