Horror violence and coarse language

Film synopsis

A mind game of a film based on a screenplay by Twilight Zone contributor Charles Beaumont, Brain Dead follows an experimental brain researcher (Bill Pullman, Lost Highway) who agrees to dig into the gray matter of a schizophrenic scientist (Bud Cort), only to fall prey to his patient’s psychosis. Pullman is blackmailed by a manipulative business friend Bill Paxton (Big Love) into studying the case history of a paranoid scientist turned serial killer in order to profit from the secrets held in his mind. But Pullman’s ordeal takes one hairpin turn after another as he becomes lost in a maze of alternate realities, no longer able to sort fantasy from reality or paranoia from persecution. In the tradition of the great psychological thrillers including Vanilla Sky, Lost Highway and Brazil, this is a terrifying, mind bending suspense at its best.

Running time

84 minutes

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Bill Pullman
Rex Martin
Bill Paxton
Jim Reston


Adam Simon


Julie Corman