Film synopsis

Fed up with the pressures of inner-city living and the suburban sprawl, Lex (AFI Award winner Barry Otto, Strictly Ballroom) and Connie (AFI Award winner Judy Morris, Eye Of The Storm) attempt to make a break and pursue a bold new lifestyle in the country. A major sacrifice, Lex gives up his job but Connie keeps her high-profile publishing position – making the daily commute to the city from their newly purchased country farmhouse.

In an attempt to guide the family towards self-sufficiency, Lex puts in the hard yards on the farm whilst looking after their young son Nicholas. However, things soon get too much for Lex to manage and Connie hires a live-in nanny to keep an eye on Nicholas. Spritely and pregnant, Geraldine (AFI Award winner Victoria Longley, Celia) establishes herself as a dedicated au pair, but harbours her own personal secrets that are set to provide certain frictions to the otherwise tranquil household dynamic.

The directorial debut from acclaimed actress Robyn Nevin and produced by Jill Robb (Careful He Might Hear You), The More Things Change… shoots for the heart of modern family and marriage, exploring complicated compromises and tangible tragedies in the great pursuit of the humble Aussie Dream.


Judy Morris
Barry Otto
Victoria Longley


Robyn Nevin


Jill Robb

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