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Film synopsis

A LIFE AFFIRMING ROAD MOVIE LITTERED WITH BAWDY LYRICS!   Narrated by rock musician Tex Perkins, I’M NOT DEAD is the ‘unplugged’ chronicle of 78 year-old comic country music legend Chad Morgan and his wife Joanie, as they travel and perform throughout regional and outback Australia.   Chad Morgan’s extensive body of work reveals a consummate bush storyteller with a politically incorrect twist. He sings about chasing Sheilas, fighting drongos, shotgun weddings, getting drunk and copulating double-decker blow flies! Chad is the first person to be honoured with the CMAA Lifetime Achievement Award and was once dubbed the ‘crown prince of comedy’ by revered country singer and cohort Slim Dusty.   For over 50 years, Chad has out-sung, out-drunk and outlived his famous contemporaries and has earned his stripes as an Australian country music ‘national treasure’.     The ballsy ballad of a country music icon, I’M NOT DEAD YET is a true-blue yarn told with love, music and lashings of good old-fashioned Aussie humour about the one and only, devilishly charming ‘Sheik of Scrubby Creek’.   Classic songs include It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good Looking, There’s Life in The Old Dog Yet and You’re Getting Old Son.

Running time

91 Minutes

Year of production


Available formats

DCP, E Cinema


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