Film synopsis

Emma Douglas isn’t your typical college coed.  Rather than party like her sister Jessica, she voraciously reads two books a night, anything to avoid sleep and the nightmares it brings.  After one of her night terrors is caught on camera, her psychologist suggests she begin filming her daily routine.  At first looking at the world through the lens of a camera helps her put distance between her and the stress in her life.  But when her sisters mysteriously start experiencing similar nightmares – leaving the oldest, Nicole in a coma – they are forced to take a more radical approach.

Chimera is an advanced camera and computer program developed by military psychologist to treat soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder.  Using a special lens coupled with brain wave data, the computer renders and records actual dreams.  Amazingly, we’re able to travel into Emma’s troubled sub-conscious and visit the traumatic scars that haunt her and her family…but when the line between dreams and reality is crossed, Emma is confronted with the terrifying possibility that our darkest imaginations harbor powers beyond our control.

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T.J. Hoban
Erik Fellows
Alec Gillis


Joshua Cordes


Liam O'Donnell