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A quintessential Aussie tale of loyalty and companionship adapted from Frank Dalby Davison’s book,  DUSTY explores the heart-warming story of a tough bushman, his dependable dog and their treacherous journey of survival.

Looking for some four-legged help on the farm, seasoned station hand Tom Lincoln (AFI Award nominee Bill Kerr, GALLIPOLI, RAZORBACK) buys a pup, believing him to be purebred Australian Kelpie. Naming him Dusty, Tom is unaware of the pup’s half-dingo heritage and dutifully trains him to become a formidable working farm dog.

But when Dusty falls to the temptation of his surrounds, he is led by his natural instinct to hunt instead of herd. Soon sheep begin to fall victim to the dog’s wild ways, causing farm owner Harry (Noel Trevarthen) to give Tom the brush-off and hire respected dingo hunter Railey Jordan (John Stanton – BENEATH HILL 60) to track down the deadly dog and dispatch it before it does further damage.

In the uplifting tradition of RED DOG, DUSTY is presented in a brand new widescreen transfer, entertaining for all ages and a tail-wagging animal lovers’ delight.

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85 Minutes

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Bill Kerr
Noel Trevarthen
Carol Burns


John Richardson


Gil Brealey


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