Supernatural violence

Film synopsis

For three years and 49 episodes landmark program PARANORMAL INSPECTORS established itself as the number one ghost hunting reality series on television. Shortly after filming the 50th episode the show was mysteriously cancelled and nothing was seen nor discussed thereafter, until now…   For the first time in the show’s illustrious history two television crews, each comprised of paranormal experts, embarked on a controversial fact-finding mission in an abandoned hospital to observe the presence of supernatural forces. One crew containing skeptics looked to debunk the many and varied myths about ghosts, spectres and wraiths, whilst the other consisted of believers looking to prove their very existence.   Both parties teamed up for a definitive exploration of the spiritual unknown and gravely discovered much more than they were ever prepared for.   When the forces of evil have something to say, you’d better believe they will make themselves known. In the spine-tingling tradition of Paranormal Activity and REC, Episode 50 is a terrifying new vision of horror from Ian Holt, acclaimed co-author of the international best-seller Dracula: The Un-dead.

Running time

78 Minutes

Year of production



Josh Folan
Chris Perry
Natalie Wetta


Joe Smalley, Tess Smalley


Shannon Banal, Ehud Bleiberg, Nicholas Donnermeyer, Ian Holt, Roman Kopelevich


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