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A critical smash hit, HEARTBREAK HIGH is the groundbreaking Australian TV series that captured the attention of a nation and delivered cutting-edge drama into family living rooms. Boldly presenting the youthful energy and gritty abandon of life in and out of the classroom, HEARTBREAK HIGH established a widespread fan base, becoming a cult institution for over 10 million viewers worldwide.

Grounded in realism, tackling all the big issues such as sex, drugs, racism, crime and growing up, HEARTBREAK HIGH pulls no punches, placing students Danni, Rivers, Jodie, Con, Steve and friends in a day-to-day cultural melting pot.

In Series 3 Sam Robinson returns as a casual relief teacher and stirs up all manner of controversy, Steve discovers he has a long lost sister, Danielle gets hit by a car, Jodie’s music career begins to take off in a big way, a teacher’s strike inspires the party of the year and beloved Hartley High is threatened with possible closure.

Featuring a dynamic cast of performers including Abi Tucker (THE SECRET LIFE OF US), Salvatore Coco (UNDERBELLY), Scott Major (NEIGHBOURS) Ada Nicodemou (HOME AND AWAY) alongside seasoned stalwart Tony Martin (THE INTERVIEW).

HEARTBREAK HIGH – SERIES 3 contains 13 episodes of captivating classroom drama that will keep you in the clique.

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573 minutes

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Abi Tucker
Salvatore Coco
Scott Major
Ada Nicodemou
Kim Wilson


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