Strong violence

Film synopsis

Open your eyes to a bold new vision in gothic thrills and chills from acclaimed producer Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy). A tantalizing Giallo-infused tale of terror and the smash sensation of the 2010 Spanish box office – Julia’s Eyes is not only “cleverly original” (FEARnet), but a full-tilt assault on the senses.   When a young woman, suffering from a degenerative eye disease, discovers her twin sister hanged in the basement of her house everything points to suicide. Itched by other suspicions Julia (Belén Rueda, The Orphanage) decides to investigate what she intuitively feels is a murder case and embarks on a dark journey where the emanating light is literally fading to a flicker at the tunnel’s twisted end. As Julia begins to uncover the terrifying truth about her sister’s death, her sight deteriorates, blurred between a series of unexplained disappearances, mysterious deaths and her own desperate struggle for survival.   With a knowing nod to classic Hitchcock, Argento and De Palma Julia’s Eyes is a chilling new chapter in Spanish shock cinema.

Running time

112 Minutes

Year of production



Belén Rueda
Lluís Homar
Pablo Derqui


Guillem Morales


Guillermo del Toro, Ricardo García Arrojo Antena 3 Films, Joaquín Padró, Mar Targarona, José Torrescusa



Available formats

E Cinema, HDCAM SR


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