Film synopsis

“Evil calls close to home in Spanish sensation Kidnapped, a wildly intense affair that will have you triple checking your door locks for nights to come.” (FILMSCHOOLREJECTS).  For Jaime, Marta and daughter Isabel, life is looking up if not a little skewed.  Theirs is an expensive new abode to sort out family frustrations – personal ructions of minor consequence. But when three hooded men raid their home they become unwilling statistics of an alarming new wave of crime sweeping Europe, known as Express Kidnap. Not satisfied with simple break and enter style burglary these faceless perpetrators intend to squeeze Jaime for all the cash he is worth, abducting him and placing the family under excruciating circumstances, subject to all manner of abject violence and gut-wrenching misery in order to secure their lucrative bounty. Tested by torture and the gruelling reality of the visceral extreme, desperate to survive at any cost, the family that bleeds together stays together. With time running out and the blood flowing fast, chilling to the last gasp, “Kidnapped truly is an unforgettable blend of sheer ferocity and genuine terror.” (FANGORIA)

Running time

81 Minutes

Year of production



Fernando Cayo
Manuela Vellés
Ana Wagener


Miguel Ángel Vivas


Rafael Endeiza, Mario Forniés, Vérane Frédiani, Emma Lustres, Borja Pena, Borja Pena,Franck Ribière



Available formats

E Cinema, Digibeta


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