Film synopsis

In 1972, NUMBER 96 exploded onto screens with a sex bomb called Abigail and then became front page news in 1975 when a bomb blast killed several characters. It was one of the most groundbreaking series in the history of television and to celebrate its 40th anniversary, see the provocative early episodes that shattered every taboo of the era including nudity, homosexuality and interracial romance.

Those original residents included virginal Bev (Abigail), gay student Don (Joe Hasham), bisexual boyfriend Bruce (Paul Weingott) and his married lover Maggie Cameron (Bettina Welch). There was Vera (Elaine Lee) being raped by Harry (Norman Yemm) and pregnant Helen (Brioney Behets) discovering her husband in bed with Rose Godolfus (Vivienne Garrett). Hippies were stripping in the laundrette, bikies were running amok and Dorrie Evans (Pat McDonald) was forever snooping around in search of gossip.

For three years, NUMBER 96 was the top rating show in Australia but with the advent of colour TV, something big was needed. Now you can re-live its gritty beginnings and the jaw-dropping bomb explosion that stopped the nation.

Running time

450 Minutes