Strong themes, strong sex scene, strong coarse language

Film synopsis

An effecting Australian tale of one woman’s eye opening search for love and understanding in the pages of the past, Peaches is a tender coming of age drama, where lost innocence is measured by the legacy one generation leaves to another.
Peaches tells the story of Stephanie (Emma LungThe Jammed). Having survived the freak accident that killed her parents, Steph has been raised by her caring but life worn guardian Jude (AFI Award winner Jacqueline McKenzieRomper Stomper). But on her birthday her life is changed in two important ways: she starts work  under the watchful eyes of Alan (AFI Award winner Hugo WeavingThe Hobbit) on the peach sorting line in the local cannery and she is given her late mother’s diary. Steph discovers more than she could ever possibly imagine.
Directed by AFI Award winner Craig Monahan (The Interview), with powerful performances,  Peaches is a engaging exploration into a haunted past, in the mesmerising tradition of In My Father’s Den and Stealing Beauty.

Running time

104 minutes

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Hugo Weaving
Jacqueline McKenzie
Emma Lung
Hugo Weaeving


Craig Monahan


Craig Monahan