Coarse language

Film synopsis

Climb aboard the electrifying ‘repo-express’ for one of the most original and exhilarating rides around.

Bad girl on the make Pixxi De La Chasse (Jaclyn Jonet) is at a crossroads in her life – car repossessed, disinherited by her family and desperate for a break – she literally falls in with expert repo men Arizona Gray (Miguel Sandoval, TV’s Medium) and Aguas (Robert BeltranStar Trek: Voyager) embarking on a sensational adventure worthy of the most dynamic and colourful comic book heroine.

Trained up in the business, she soon develops a solid reputation as the nastiest Repo Chick in town, tasked with repossessing a collection of antique railroad cars that carry a million-dollar bounty. Caught between a sticky government conspiracy and a terrorist plot to blow-up LA with a trainload of long-forgotten Cold War bombs – it is up to Pixxi De La Chasse and her stylish entourage to step up and save the day.

Also starring Rosanna Arquette, Karen Black, Chloe Webb, Xander Berkley, Zander Schloss and driven by original cult auteur Alex Cox (Sid and NancyRepo Man), featuring his trademark punk styling and acerbic tones, Repo Chick is a sexy, sass-fuelled bite out of the mainstream.

Running time

88 minutes

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Jaclyn Jonet
Miguel Sandoval
Del Zamora


Alex Cox


Eric Bassett, Alex Cox, Bingo Gubelmann, Daren Hicks, Benji Kohn, Austin Stark, Simon Tams