Sex scene, violence and infrequent coarse language

Film synopsis

Ernie Dingo delivers an outstanding portrayal of Robert Tudawali, the first Aboriginal film star, whose lead role in Jedda is iconic in Australian cinema. The film traces the life of Tudawali from the moment that he was selected to play the lead in Jedda, his career as a boxer when he was unable to find more film roles, right through to his premature death at around age 40 from severe burns. It also portrays the stark contrast between Tudawali’s home outside Darwin, and his life in Sydney, where he did most of his filming for movies and TV series.
This powerful and important story also stars Charles “Bud” Tingwell and serves as a vital document on Australian film history and Aboriginal culture.

Running time

97 minutes

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Ernie Dingo
Peter Fisher
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell


Steve Jodrell


Anne Basser, Paul G. Basson