When The Queen Came to Town

In Cinemas November 27

Film synopsis

A Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s first Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand. Starring Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the good people of 1954 Australia who were there to witness When Queen Came to Town! 

The Greatest Event Australia has ever seen is IN CINEMAS NOW!

7 Reasons why When the Queen Came to Town is a must-see for people of all ages!

Reason #1: HM Queen Elizabeth is our leader and head state – still after over 60 years! It’s a remarkable achievement and this film provides a unique chance to look back and see how it all began for the young Queen. 

Reason #2: You’ll upset the Queen if you don’t 

Reason #3: You really have to see it to believe why this was the greatest event Australia has ever seen!

Reason #4: One does not have to be a monarchist to enjoy this documentary

Reason #5: Discover why Australia in the 1950’s was a proud and accomplished Nation 

Reason #6: Discover how life back in the 1950’s was simple and carefree

Reason #7: Discover why the Queen changed the fashion landscape and became the first modern Fashion Icon in Australia

WHERE WERE YOU When the Queen Came to Town?

We would love to hear your stories, share your memories and see your photos. This is your chance to add your personal insights of the Queen’s tour, THE 1950’S era and what life was like back then to the collective memory bank of this important snapshot of Australian history.


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Running time

78 minutes

Country of origin


Year of production



Narrator- Bert Newton
Story Teller- Lorraine Bayly
Interviews of ordinary Australians


Maurice Murphy


Bettina Dalton, Harriet Pike, Michael Tear, Hugh Marks


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