Jon Bon Jovi might be heading to our shores in December but fans can catch him sooner when he hits screens this August in the DVD release of the British romantic comedy, The Leading Man. His second major role, The Leading Man sees Jon play a charismatic Hollywood actor Robin Grange, making his London theatrical debut whilst becoming embroiled in risky romance of deceit. Directed by award winning film make John Duigan (Flirting, Sirens) the film is set in London’s famous theatre district.

When successful playwright Felix Webb (Lambert Wilson) life becomes complicated when his director and friend Humphrey Beal (Barry Humphries) casts actress Hilary Rule (Thandie Newton) with whom is he is having affair with, as the leading lady in his new play.

His wife Elena (Anna Galiena) of fourteen years suspects his actions and clings to him to save their marriage as Felix prepares to desert her. When Robin arrives on the scene and becomes aware of Felix’s situation he mischievously suggests that he should seduce his wife to distract her from his affair. Under increasing pressure from Hilary, who no longer wants to be the second woman in his life, Felix agrees. As fate would have it he is then faced with the dilemma of his growing jealously toward Robin’s advances to seduce his willing wife and is driven to madness.

The Leading Man also features Kevin McKidd, David Warner and a cheeky cameo from Nicole Kidman.