Frank Martin is The Transporter.  The cops chase him, the bad guys hunt him and women try to track him down – but Frank lives by three simple rules:

1. Never Change The Deal

2. No Names.

3. Never Open The Package.

Based on Luc Besson’s high-octane blockbuster film series, TRANSPORTER carries on the tradition and sends cool, calculated and charming Frank Martin (Chris Vance – Prison Break / Dexter) into action as an ex-Special Forces operative with the driving, fighting and survival skills to tackle any job and make the delivery on schedule.

Martin transports anything, anywhere – no questions asked.  From microchips, USBs, priceless works of art to human cargo – Martin is a smooth operator in a risky business where the stakes are high, with the police forever on his trail and bad guys determined to foil his reputation and run him down for good.

Released for the first time on Blu-ray and DVD in Australia, the show is a television ratings smash hit currently airing on the F/X Channel. TRANSPORTER: The Series features 12 explosive episodes, captures the slick thrills and speedy excitement of Luc Besson’s original, delivering a package of sexy, adrenaline-fuelled entertainment. The $30 million production is shot in exotic locations across the world including Cannes, Berlin, Nice and Vancouver.

This release is packed with an additional 2 hours of unseen footage and special features.